IX-X 2005

Edited by
Roberto Cellini and Guido Cozzi

Do European Computer-Related Patents Increase Welfare?
Pia Weiss

Strategic Reasons for Patenting:
Between Exclusion and Coordination Rationales
Antoine Bureth - Rachel Levy - Julien Pénin - Sandrine Wolff

Open Source Software and Technological Innovation:
Competitive Issues
Gustavo Olivieri - Laura Marchegiani

Are Patent Litigation Insurances Fit for
the Dynamics of Innovation?
Christian Ben Lakhdar

Proprietary Information Protection and the Long-Run Implications
of Industrial Espionage
Carmelo Pierpaolo Parello

The Role of Anti-Spying Acts on R&D Patents Dynamics
Francesco Schettino

Is the European R&D Equally Protected from
Espionage as is the US R&D? A Note
Guido Cozzi - Angelo Pietrosanti

A Schumpeterian Model of Wage Inequality and Intellectual
Property Rights Enforcement
Carmelo Pierpaolo Parello - Luca Spinesi

An Inverted-U Relationship between Product Market Competition
and Growth in an Extended Romerian Model
Alberto Bucci

Competition Policy and Prevention of Abuses in the TRIPS Agreement
Daya Shanker

Policy Decisions on Collective Property Rights
in Cultural Districts: A Positive Model
Roberto Cellini - Tiziana Cuccia - Walter Santagata

Different Approaches to the Protection of Individual and
Collective Intellectual Property Rights.
The Case of Traditional Knowledge
Stefania Lionetti

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