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Firms' Objectives and Internal Organization in
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Positive and Normative Analysis

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Rivista di Politica Economica was founded in 1911 as Rivista delle Società Commerciali, and was given its current name in January 1921.

One of the oldest Italian economic journals, it contains analyses and studies by experts from different schools of thought. The articles published in Rivista di Politica Economica are quoted on Econlit, e-JEL, JEL on CD and in the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences.

The journal, published bimonthly since 2002, includes three ordinary issues, two monographic issues, and the special November-December issue, published in Italian and in English, which contains the essays awarded with the Angelo Costa Undergraduate Economics Theses Award and the Angelo Costa Lecture, held each year by an internationally renowned economist on a topical subject on occasion of the official awarding ceremony of the Costa Prize winners.

The ORDINARY ISSUES include essays in Italian or in English, subject to the approval of two referee and of the Managing Editor, and integrated with a number of Saggi ad Invito (Invited Essays) by outstanding contributing experts in the field of economics.

The analytical section Parole Chiave (Key Words) contains the opinions of one or more economists on socially relevant events, expressed in a language fit for an audience beyond the academic community.

The section Reviews is devoted to a review of important books by academics renowned for their experience in the field discussed in the volume.

The two monographic issues are published each year in Italian or in English and contain several original essays on particularly relevant topics. The English versions are also usually published by Palgrave-Macmillan in the Series Central Issues in Contemporary Economic Theory and distributed all over the world.


The analytical section Parole Chiave ( Key Words ) contained in the three ordinary issues includes works by experts or outstanding representatives of the political and economic world on particularly relevant topics so as to start a debate in Italy. The Managing Editor selects, to his own judgement, the texts to be published in the section Parole Chiave . The RPE encourages readers to suggest and motivate to the Managing Editor topics to be discussed in this section.


In each ordinary issue (three every year), RPE publishes an analysis of one or more books that the Scientific Committee deems particularly relevant to start a debate in Italy. The reviews are performed by outstanding experts in the sector discussed in the concerned works, whose selection is made by the Managing Editor based on the Scientific Committee's advice. The RPE encourages readers to submit original works to the Managing Editor for possible reviews (e-mail:

Each year, the two MONOGRAPHIC ISSUES collect a number of unpublished essays on particularly relevant topics. Rivista di Politica Economica encourages experts and representatives of the academic world to suggest topics for the monographic issues and to be editors of the publication which they will ‘supervise' together with the Managing Editor, once the project has been approved by the RPE 's Scientific Committee.

Like 90 years ago, Rivista di Politica Economica still cherishes " a well-founded hope to provide a useful service to civil education in our country " through the publication of valuable and relevant economic works.


Tutti i diritti relativi agli scritti contenuti sul sito sono protetti a norma di legge.