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La Rivista di Politica Economica  celebra CAIUS
Presentazione ''Scritti in onore di Manlio Resta''

Women in company ownership, governance,
and management leadership positions.
From doing to being

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Lezione 'Angelo Costa'/ 'Angelo Costa' Lecture

XI Lezione A.Costa
'Crisis and Reform: Managing Systemic Risk'
Ricardo Caballero -- Roma, 23 Marzo 2010

Premio per Tesi di Laurea in Economia
'Angelo Costa'

- Vincitori Premio Angelo Costa 2008
- Profilo Vincitori 2008
- 2008 A. Costa Prize Winners 
- Bando di Concorso 2013 (XV Edizione) versione italiana
- Angelo Costa Economics Undergraduate
Theses Award, 2010 
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The 1911 mission of Rivista delle Società Commerciali taken from page 1 of issue 1 of Year 1, 1911, of Rivista delle Società Commerciali.
The 1921 mission of Rivista di Politica Economica taken from the notice to the readers on page 1 of issue 1 of Year Eleven, 1921, of Rivista di Politica Economica, second series of Rivista delle Società Commerciali .

The current MISSION of Rivista di Politica Economica

Rivista di Politica Economica encourages the submission of essays on all areas of economic sciences, with special focus on works showing clear references to economic policy, economic analysis, corporate strategy, economic history, and analysis of economic thought, including original surveys on subjects developed in economic literature. RPE encourages the submission of empirical papers meant to solve relevant theoretical issues. Attention is given to on original papers coming from doctoral theses or works by young researchers in the economic sector.

RPE publishes new essays only; the reproduction in any language of the works, or of significant parts of the same, published in the journal is only allowed upon the Managing Editor's express authorization.

Members of the Committee are selected every three years on the basis of their contribution to economic research, locality of their university and previous commitment in helping the RPE in its activities. Members of the Committee are indeed supposed to suggest 2 papers by young economists every year for evaluation and to propose possible topics for the monographic issues.


Each essay submitted to Rivista di Politica Economica is evaluated by two referee according to a strictly anonymous selection process: the referee is not aware of the author's identity and the author, in turn, is not aware of the identity of the party evaluating his/her essay. Each referee submits a brief evaluation sheet to the RPE for the Managing Editor's internal use, as well as a report for the author, according to which the Managing Editor decides whether to publish or reject an essay, or to re-submit. In the latter case, the new version is submitted to the referee for further evaluation and the Managing Editor expresses a final decision on whether the essay can be published.

On the website and in the November-December issue, RPE publishes the names of the referee who co-operated in the previous two years, along with the general statistics on the rate of accepted essays and on the average time to the final decision.
The rejection rate of the RPE is around 60%.

Tutti i diritti relativi agli scritti contenuti sul sito sono protetti a norma di legge.