Dalla sinergia tra Confindustria e la Rivista di Politica Economica nasce il progetto
Tassi di interesse negativi e piena occupazione: nuova frontiera delle teorie monetarie e bancarie?

Antonino Galloni*

The Author proposes a New Banking Accountability where mortgages and loans payments are calculated as revenues on Profit and Losses Sheets; not only, like now, as assets on Balance Sheets (where they are cancelled when capital payments arrive). So, the bank net income will be calculated by subtracting passive interests and other costs from total revenues. The substandard and not performing credits will be missed enrichments, not losses. The banks get their goal even do we apply a dramatic negative interests rates... like 30 or 40%. So, it'll be possible to invest in main social activities to obtain full employment.

[JEL Classification: E].

Keywords: negative interest rates; full employment; new banking accountability.

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