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Is Global Equality the Enemy of National Equality?#

Dani Rodrik*,
Harvard University, Cambridge MA

The bulk of global inequality is accounted for by income differences across countries rather than within countries. Expanding trade with China has aggravated inequality in some advanced economies, while ameliorating global inequality. But the "China shock" is receding and other low-income countries are unlikely to replicate China s export-oriented industrialization experience. Relaxing restrictions on cross-border labor mobility might have an even stronger positive effect on global inequality. However it also raises a similar tension. While there would likely be adverse effects on low-skill workers in the advanced economies, international labor mobility has advantages compared to further liberalizing international trade in goods.

[JEL Classification: F0].

Keywords: global inequality; labor mobility.

# An earlier version of this paper was presented as the XVI "Angelo Costa”‘ Lecture in Rome on December 2nd, 2016. I am grateful to participants in the audience, George Borjas, Branko Milanovic, and Lant Pritchett for their comments.
dani_rodrik@harvard.edu, John F. Kennedy School of Government.