Instructions to Authors

  1. Submission. Authors should submit
    three printed copies of their papers to the
    Editorial Office along with an abstract in
    Italian and English of not more than 100
    words, followed by the JEL classification
    references (
    elclasjn.html). Rivista di Politica Economica,
    is indexed in the Journal of Economic
    Literature. Manuscripts should be
    prepared using a standard word processing
    package. The contents of the papers
    shall be the sole responsibility of the authors
    and publication shall not imply the
    concurrence of the editor or the publisher.
  2. The manuscript. The text and references
    should be checked thoroughly for
    errors before submission. It is the responsibility
    of the author to ensure that
    the typescript is correct in style, syntax
    and spelling. Papers should normally be
    divided into headed sections.
  3. Title page. The first page of one of the
    three printed copies of the typescript submitted
    must contain: the full title; the
    name of all the authors which shall appear
    in alphabetical order, under which
    the affiliation of all authors shall be indicated.
    The e-mail of each author shall appear
    in a footnote in the first page of the
    typescript. Apart, the indication of the author
    who will be responsible for correspondence
    and correcting of proofs shall
    be provided to the editorial office together
    with full address, telephone and fax
    numbers of all the authors.
  4. Tables and Graphs. Tables should be
    numbered and headed with short titles,
    and if included in the Appendix, they shall
    be numbered as progressive. Graphs shall
    be headed and numbered progressively.
  5. Acknowledgements. Acknowledgements
    should appear in a footnote of the
    first page and it is good use to thank the
    anonymous referees and quote the usual
  6. References. When quoted in the text
    the style is: Basberg B.L. (1987) or
    Archibugi D. – Pianta M. (1992) or Altissimo
    F. et al., 2000. References are listed
    alphabetically after the text. Journal
    and book titles should be written out in
    full. Examples are:
    Dosi G., «Sources, Procedures and Microeconomic
    Effects of Innovation», Journal
    of Economic Literature, vol. 26, no. 3,
    1998, pp. 1120-71.
    Kline R. – Rosenberg N., «An Overview
    of Innovation», in Landau R. – Rosenberg
    N. (eds.), The Positive Sum Strategy,
    Washington DC, National Academy
    Press, 1986.
    If the work quoted is part of a Working
    Paper or mimeo, the indication shall be
    as follows: place, institution, Working Paper
    no. …, year of publication. For papers
    submitted in Italian, any quotation
    of extracts in English shall be translated
    into Italian.
  7. Footnotes. These should be numbered
    consecutively in the text.
  8. Proofs. Proofs will be e-mailed to the
    ‘corresponding’ author for correction.
    These must be corrected and returned
    within two weeks otherwise publication
    may be delayed. Alterations to proofs other
    than corrections of printer’s errors may
    be charged to the authors.
  9. Offprints. Each corresponding author
    will receive 2 free copies of the issue
    where the paper is published but no offprints
    are envisaged. On request, authors
    may contact the printers for offprints.
  10. Copyright. Submission of a paper to
    Rivista di Politica Economica will be taken
    to imply that it presents original unpublished
    work, not under consideration
    for publication elsewhere. A copyright assignment
    form will be sent to the authors
    when a paper is accepted for publication
    in the journal after the refereeing. This
    publishing agreement should be completed
    and returned to the editorial office. The
    copyright covers the exclusive rights to reproduce
    and distribute the article, including
    reprints, photographic reproductions,
    microfilm or any other reproductions of
    similar nature, and translations.

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